Pressures of Life

Relieve life's pressures through Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage

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Life's Pressures
It is amazing how our bodies can handle stress, and how our minds can disregard the key signs to stress build up.  Approximately 75% of today's diseases are attributed to stress and tension. 


These daily pressures of modern life are only damaging to us when we fail to manage them properly or to notice that they are affecting us in a detrimental way either physically or emotionally. 


Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology are holistic therapies that work to improve our physical and emotional well-being.  By expanding our awareness of the complex interplay of mind, body and spirit, we will grow towards a better understanding of our own power to heal ourselves and cope with the life's pressures.

'Pressures of Life' is here to help you to expand your awareness of how to help yourself to maintain health, either through hands-on therapies or teaching you how to use the therapies yourself safely and effectively

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